User’s technical support

User’s technical support

The end user support service offers an integral maintenance of the working place, including both software and hardware. We work in order to cover all IT needs, so you can entirely focus on your business, having a well-prepared infrastructure at your disposal that can help you with in that matter.

Service Desk Support/Call Centre

Having the ITIL procedures as a working basis, we conduct the reception and treating of incidences towards their final solving, with a full coverage, rising them through our operating teams and coordinating them until the incident is fully solved.

Technical Staff

We have an expert staff, certified on the solving of incidences and the prevention maintaining of systems, always doing proactive tasks so that we can ensure to right functioning of the IT apps and the attached infrastructure.

Management Staff

We provide staff and service supervision, following the done actions of the technical staff closely. In case of identifying risks related to the service, we suggest improvements and advices to minimise them. We periodically inform you about the function of the service through reporting, based on the SLAs and KPIs.

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