EDR (Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response)

EDR (Protección, Detección y Respuesta)

At STP Cyber, we rely on WatchGuard’s Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response (EDR) module to provide you with unparalleled defence against digital threats.

Our service automates detection, and containment, and responds to every threat through one easy-to-use console.

Exclusive Features:

Zero Trust Policy: We implement Zero Trust policy to ensure robust protection.

Zero Day Threat Protection: We guarantee the necessary security against Zero Day threats.

Not an Antivirus: We emphasise that we are not an antivirus, removing that word from our dictionary to highlight the value and breadth of our solution.

High Security Certificates: We have certifications at the highest level of security, granted by the National Cryptologic Centre.

Leaders in Security: We work with the only manufacturer at the highest level of the national cybersecurity scheme (WatchGuard).

Focus on the Endpoint/User: We recognise that the Endpoint/User is the weakest point in the cyber security chain and we focus on strengthening it.

Additional Modules: We offer additional modules to suit your specific needs and ensure complete protection.

Protección, detección 
y respuesta

Portection, detection & Response

de seguridad

Security Modules

Centro de operaciones 
de seguridad

Security Operations Center


DNS Protection

Special Offers:

Check out our prices and promotions to get the best security at the best price.

Strengthen your cybersecurity with WatchGuard’s EDR service and trust STP Cyber to keep your business safe from digital threats – cutting-edge security is at your fingertips!

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