STP Cyber’s Awareness Service is more than just training;

It is the next level in building a strong security culture.

This service is distinguished by:

Advanced Level Training: We go beyond conventional expectations, offering an advanced level of training that goes beyond the basics. We prepare your team with in-depth, practical knowledge to strengthen their resilience to cyber threats.

Alignment with the Training Roadmap: Our Awareness service integrates seamlessly with your company’s training roadmap. We tailor our programmes to align with your specific goals and needs, ensuring effective and continuous implementation.

Monthly Monitoring and Training Evaluation: We don’t just deliver training; we also provide monthly monitoring of training status and results. We analyse progress, identify areas for improvement and adjust our approach to maximise impact.

Quarterly Phishing Campaigns: To test and consolidate the knowledge gained, we create and conduct quarterly phishing campaigns. This not only strengthens your team’s detection capabilities, but also promotes practical and continuous learning.

trust us to take your company’s security to the next level!

We are committed to raising security awareness in your organisation and providing the tools you need to build a solid defence against cyber threats.

Any questions about how to improve your company’s information security? Do you need some advicing about our services? We are right here to help you!