• Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

We bet on Cloud solutions due to the improvement of the quality and performance of communications, servers and software infrastructures that they provide. Cloud services have overcome as the newest model of provision of services from the net, live-time, flexible and under demand.

The trend of the Cloud services providing smart services, outsourced and using a delegated managing method, have made STP Technology offer tailor-made solutions:

  • IT services, either through a subscription method or a pay-to-use method.
  • End user support services, providing mobility solutions and elasticity in you working environment.
  • Private cloud usage and virtual data bases for end clients.
  • Critical business information systems lodging.
  • Flexible and elastic infrastructure aiming to cover all your business technological needs.
  • Outsourcing of high availability services in order to guarantee the business success (Email servers/Apps).

The solutions that we offer have the goal of optimising the use of resources, removing inane resources and guaranteeing their reliability.

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