Our CISOasS Service, also known as Virtual CISO (vCISO), is the key to raising the security level of your company.

We help you understand the current state of your information security maturity, threat environment and regulatory requirements.

In addition, we offer:

Security Policy Generation and Implementation: We develop and implement information security policies tailored to your specific needs.

Information Security Leadership and Guidance: We guide and lead initiatives to strengthen your information security.

Security Compliance Management: We ensure that your company complies with security standards and regulations.

Information Access Control Oversight: We ensure effective information access management.

Security Testing and Assessments: We manage and oversee security testing and third-party vendor assessments.

Security Architecture Oversight: We ensure the robustness of your information security architecture.

Security Process Documentation and Management: We document and oversee the creation of security processes for efficient operation.

Continuous Risk Management: We perform and maintain risk management to prevent potential threats.

*The contracting of this service is compulsory for companies affected by Royal Decree Law 43/2021. (Operators of essential services dependent on the networks and information systems of Spain’s strategic sectors. Providers of digital services: online marketplaces, search engines and cloud computing services with registered offices in Spain).

El rol del Ciso

The Role of the CISO:

The CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is the strategic leader responsible for directing and overseeing information security in an organisation. Their role is crucial in identifying, managing and mitigating risks, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information. In short, the CISO ensures that information security is a constant priority to protect the company’s digital assets.

  • Align the cybersecurity strategy with the company’s objectives.
  • Define security regulations and ensure that they are complied with.
  • Prevent, detect and analyse vulnerabilities.
  • Inform and report any cybersecurity-related issues.
  • Ensure the privacy of company data.
  • Respond quickly to any cybersecurity incident.
  • Train, raise awareness and sensitise the organisation.
  • Establish and implement security policies.
  • Conduct digital forensic investigations.

Any questions about how to improve your company’s information security? Do you need some advicing about our services? We are right here to help you!