We recognise that people are the most vulnerable link in security, often unintentionally causing incidents that threaten sensitive company information.

We meet this challenge with a defence-in-depth strategy, paying specific attention to the outermost and weakest layer: people.

According to Deloitte’s Future of Cyber 2023 report, 95% of cyber events are caused by human error. That is why, at STP Cyber, we focus on:

Employee Awareness: We promote awareness to strengthen the first line of defence.

Specialised Training Plans: We offer highly specialised security training programmes.

Worker Focus: We tailor our programmes to the specific needs of workers, recognising their unique roles in information security.

In addition, we partner with FUNDAE to ensure that our training programmes meet the highest standards and are backed by a reliable platform.

Any questions about how to improve your company’s information security? Do you need some advicing about our services? We are right here to help you!